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All our patients will receive follow up appointments following their Gastric Band Surgery and will be encouraged and supported on their weight loss journey. Please share your feelings and any problems with us (if you feel comfortable to do so), so that we can try to help you. 

You will be invited to attend regular follow-up meetings with our multi-disciplinary team. This will be part of our commitment to you and the process by which we can monitor your weight loss success, assess any further need for support and to receive your feedback on the service . 

This is a partnership. You are paying for a life changing opportunity, we cannot do this without your commitment  and you cannot reach your goals without us. 

Post operatively you will be given the opportunity to attend a post operative review in clinic within a few weeks of your operation. You can attend monthly review appointments for the duration of your aftercare with us. 

Standard measurements of obesity such as body mass index (BMI) provide no information about how fat is distributed within the body or proportions of fat to muscle. We usually monitor weight loss using specific scales to give us the information and we can see immediately if you are dehydrated and the  body fat %, proportion of body water and fat free mass (bones, muscle etc).

Despite the potential difficulties in interpretation of the data, measurements of a patient’s progress when used consistently can be monitored in a much more meaningful way, than by weight measurements alone. For example, a patient may well complain that they are disappointed in their weight loss despite working hard at physical activity and controlling their intake of food. From the data it can be established that fat mass has decreased, the muscle mass has increased due to exercise (muscle weighs more than fat) and they may be well hydrated. So in actual fact they are making excellent progress.

We recommend keeping your own personal record of your 24 hr journey to refer back to, so you can  celebrate the fantastic achievement you have made. 

Support & contact numbers

It is essential that we hold regular support groups for our patients. Our support groups are designed to provide patients, pre and post operatively, with evidence based behaviour modification and information. We encourage open discussion, good and bad, as  out of feedback comes positive action and improvement in service. These groups allow  patients who are having difficulties (and may not usually speak out) to get the chance to share their concerns, most Importantly patients support each other - plus we enjoy them! Click here to find out more about our support groups

Cosmetic Surgery after Weight Loss Surgery 

It takes time as your body undergoes changes in weight and size for your mind to catch up with the view in the mirror, as others see you. There may be  excess skin following weight loss.

Following the use of Gastric Bands for obesity, you may want to consider having cosmetic surgery as loose skin can be just as traumatic as being obese. 

We recommend you wait until your weight loss has stabilised and you have reached your goal before considering this. We will be more than happy to advise you further if you wish to consider your cosmetic surgical options. 

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  • Fixed monthly payments over a term that enables you to budget
  • Loan money paid directly to Ramsay Health Care
  • A loan designed to put more expensive health procedures within easier reach
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Why We're Different

  • Access to a team of specialist bariatric nurses – expert medical advice and regular medical reviews
  • Access to the hospital out of hours service
  • Access to a dietician - expert nutritional advice on making the most of the procedure you have chosen to have
  • 2 x-ray adjustments and up to 6 clinical adjustments
  • Access to your surgeon as clinically indicated
  • Access to support groups for patients
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