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Mrs Shazia Hussain - Ophthalmology

Mrs Shazia Hussain is Specialist Orthoptic practitioner, Rivers Hospital, Hertfordshire

Based at: Rivers Hospital | Get directions | Go to hospital website

Clinical interests

Mrs Shazia Hussain is a highly specialist orthoptist with over 20 years of comprehensive knowledge and clinical experience in all aspects of paediatric and adult orthoptics. She is currently working as a lead orthoptist at the Royal Free Chase Farm Hospital in London. 

Mrs Hussain carries out specialised paediatric clinics, involving the investigation, diagnosis and management of vision disorders, squints, amblyopia (lazy eye), eye movement disorders, nystagmus, (wobbly eyes) complex neurological/endocrine/genetic conditions as well as craniofacial disorders.  She has significant experience to be able to communicate with and obtain co-operation from children of all ages and abilities. This includes children with impaired comprehension and those with learning difficulties.

As a specialist orthoptic practitioner, Mrs Hussain has considerable expertise in adult orthoptics, which consists of investigation and management of squints, double vision, thyroid-related ocular defects, eye movement disorders due to neurological and maxillofacial injuries and squint assessment for botulinum toxin treatment. She has developed a specialist interest in the treatment and management of stroke visual disorders, glaucoma care and glaucoma laser treatments. In her previous NHS roles, Mrs Hussain has performed YAG laser peripheral iridotomies and capsulotomies and became the first orthoptist to perform laser treatments. 

She has completed a considerable number of audits in orthoptics and ophthalmology and has carried out various research clinics in glaucoma and childhood visual impairment. As a clinical tutor, Mrs Hussain actively provides teaching and training to multidisciplinary staff within the NHS trust as well as on a regional and a national level.

Other interests:

• Ophthalmic diagnostic testing  - visual field test, OCT scan, biometry, corneal topography  and fundus photography 

• Glaucoma assessment

• Orthoptic assessment of traumatic orbital fractures for Maxillofacial surgeons  

Academic background

Mrs Hussain qualified in Orthoptics from the University of Liverpool in 2000 and gained significant clinical experience from Moorfield Eye Hospital, Cambridge University Hospital, Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Frimley Park Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital London. She has successfully completed a MSc diploma in Treatment and Management of Glaucoma, MSc diploma in ophthalmology and MSc Degree in Healthcare and Management.

Professional Memberships

• British and Irish Orthoptic Society

• Health and Care Professions Council

• International Orthoptic Association

• United Kingdom & Ireland Society of Ophthalmic Professions

NHS base

Royal Free Hospital London

Clinic Times

to be confirmed

01279 212952