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Mrs Catherine Manley - Occupational Therapist

Mrs Catherine Manley is a Hand Therapist at North Downs Hospital in Caterham, Surrey

Based at: North Downs Hospital | Get directions | Go to hospital website

Clinical interests

Mrs Catherine Manley has specialised in hand therapy since 2000 and is an Accredited Hand Therapist (BAHT).  She is highly experienced with considerable skills in the assessment and provision of hand rehabilitation for patients with musculoskeletal, neurological and rheumatological conditions.  Her calm and relaxed approach puts patients at ease, while ensuring a high standard of clinical care is always provided.She enjoys working with patients to facilitate return to their usual occupations, for example offering ergonomic advice and return to work planning.

Catherine provides a one-stop-shop clinic at North Downs Hospital, which enables the patient to receive a comprehensive hand therapy service, including :

·Post operative wound care/dressing changes and suture removal

·Fabrication of custom thermoplastic or neoprene splints

·Prescription of range of movement and strengthening exercises

·Assessment for,and provision of, pressure garments for oedema and scar management

Assessment and advice for the non surgical management of conditions affecting the hand.

Conditions commonly treated include :

·Carpal tunnel syndrome

·Trigger finger

·De-Quervain’s tenosynovitis

·Dupuytren’s contracture (following surgery)


·Rheumatoid arthritis


·Tendon injuries

·Sports injuries

Catherine works closely with hand surgeons and will always refer patients to surgical colleagues if required.

Academic background

BSc (hons)Occupational Therapy

AccreditedHand Therapist (British Association of Hand Therapists)

Professional Memberships

BritishAssociation of Occupational Therapists; Royal College of OccupationalTherapists; British Association of Hand Therapists