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Mr Lester James - Urology

Mr Lester James is a Consultant Endourologist and General Urologist in Stafford, Staffordshire

Based at: Rowley Hall Hospital | Get directions | Go to hospital website

GMC Number


Clinical interests

Bladder examination by camera (cystoscopy)

Bladder function study

Bladder resection



Epididymal cyst removal

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL)

Hydrocele (Scrotum fluid removal)

Penis foreskin loosening

Percutaneous stone extraction from the kidney (PCNL)

Prostate Resection (using Holmium Laser)

Prostate surgery (TURP)


Twisted testis surgery

Undescended testicle surgery

Ureter stone removal

Ureteroscopy and fragmentation of kidney stone using laser

Urethra examination

Urodynamics study

Varicocele surgery

Vasectomy (male sterilisation)

NHS base

Stafford General Hospital

Clinic Times

Wednesday am