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Mr Guna Reddy-Kolanu - ENT

Mr Guna Reddy Ko lanu - Consultant ENT Surgeon, North Downs Hospital, Hertfordshire

Based at: North Downs Hospital | Get directions | Go to hospital website

Clinical interests

Mr Guna Reddy-Kolanu has been an ENT Consultant at Surrey & Sussex Healthcare

Trust since November 2016. He practices in all areas of ENT and supports ENT

consultant colleagues in his sub-specialist area of ear disorders, balance disorders

and children’s ENT.

He received his Higher Surgical ENT Training in South West England, primarily

at Bristol Royal Infirmary & Bristol Royal Children’s hospital. After training to the

level of an ENT Consultant, he went on to have further training in Ear Surgery and

Implantation Ear Surgery on a Higher Surgical Fellowship under the supervision of

Professor O’Donoghue in Nottingham.

Mr Reddy-Kolanu is the Audit lead of the ENT department at Surrey & Sussex

Hospitals & takes a leading role in training ENT surgeons and in the selection of

future surgical trainees. He has additional qualifications in medical education.