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Miss Helene Bryde-Andersen - Urology

Miss Helene Bryde-Andersen is a Consultant Urological Surgeon in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire specialising in stone disease, bladder dysfunction and urination problems in both children and adults, recurrent urinary tract infections and second opinion.

Based at: Rivers Hospital | Get directions | Go to hospital website

Clinical interests

Miss Bryde-Andersen is a very experienced specialist in urology and covers the full range of diagnosis and treatment of urological problems including female and paediatric urology.

Problems successfully treated includes diagnosis and treatment of

kidney stone treatment with minimal invasive endoscopic and/or keyhole technolog

Problems in kidney, bladder, prostate, testes and urethra

Cancer diagnosis

Ongoing pain

Urination problems

Incontinence, bedwetting, nocturia (high urine production at night)

Overactive bladder

Painful bladder syndrome

Blood in urine

Recurrent urinary tract infections

No-scalpel vasectomy

Second opinion review of previous investigations

Miss Bryde Andersen has had a very extensive training in communication technique which will ensure that explanations of difficult matters are explained for each patient and family member making it easier to understand the medical problem to be best guided through the possible treatment options. She speaks Danish and English.

Secretary Details:
Fiona Klimcke

01279 602643


Paediatrics (min age)

Newborn +

Academic background

Medical Degree - University of Copenhagen, Denmark 1983

Ph.D. - The Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 1995

Specialist Registration in General Surgery - University of Copenhagen, Denmark 1997

Specialist Registration in Urology - University of Copenhagen, Denmark 2000

Degree in philosophy of Sciences and Medical Teaching Technique - University of Copenhagen, Denmark 1997

Miss Bryde-Andersen was appointed as a full time NHS Consultant at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Miss Bryde Andersen for eight years as the lead for improvement and further development of the treatment of patients with urinary tract stones which resulted in an expansion of services and equipment in the department. She is now a private practitioner at the Rivers Hospital.


Professional Memberships

The British Association of Urological Surgeons

The European Association of Urology

The Scandinavian Association of Urology

Danish Urological Society

British Medical Council and Danish Medical Council


01279 212952