Marcus Brown

Rivers Hospital

ACL Reconstruction

I had an ACL Reconstruction at Rivers Hospital, did try physiotherapy first as I originally did the injury two years ago. I just didn't have the strength anymore, my knee started locking out when running, taking any sort of pressure through hits and impact of rugby. I was going through that for a few weeks and then came through to see a consultant.

On the day of the surgery, the staff were brilliant, got me at ease, they were really reassuring about the process of having the operation and how the day was going to go.

Personally, I went down a difficult route because of the waiting time and I needed surgery quick because I wanted to get to my feet as quick as possible.

I highly recommend having surgery with Ramsay Health Care as for me, sport is so important and all I wanted was the best and that's why I chose to come here and I got great results.

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