| 28/02/2018

Common Causes Of Hand Pain And How To Find Relief

For many reasons we humans are unique among the other living creatures on this planet. One of our uniquely human features is that our hands with our opposable thumbs have evolved to enable us to create the world we live in. Our fine motor hand function includes the ability to grip and manipulate objects while our general range of hand functions includes grasping with various grades of strength, movement through a wide range of motions and of course, touch.

Hand Injury

Hand fracture is one of the most common fracture that occurs in the body, and can happen for any number of reasons, including falls, sporting accidents or violence. A typical fracture will present with pain, bruising, loss of movement and sometimes, deformity. A sprained hand, which involves injury to the soft tissues, muscles and ligaments, can often be as painful as a hand fracture. 

Wrist Injuries

Wrist pain from a wrist fracture is also a common complaint and typically results from a fall onto an outstretched hand. However, a painful wrist does not have to be the consequence of obvious wrist injuries such as a fracture - simple activities such as typing can cause repetitive strain injury resulting in both wrist and hand pain. 

Medical Assessment Immediately

As with any other part of our body, when our hands are compromised through hand injury such as hand fracture, hand sprain or wrist injuries, our quality of life can be adversely affected. That is why it is so important to get any hand injury assessed by a medical professional as soon as possible, with the primary purpose of restoring normal function and reducing the likelihood of any disability.

The typical assessment of a hand injury entails a detailed physical examination as well as an X-ray. Sometimes, depending on the injury additional investigations such as ultrasound or CT scanning may be required. Most hand and wrist injuries can be treated with splinting or plaster cast but some may require surgery first. After surgery and depending on the cause and potential impact of your injury, you may be assigned a rehabilitation specialist to ensure you achieve optimum function when you return to full health.

Pain Relief

While you are waiting to heal, simple remedies can help relieve the pain. A splint or sling can provide support and allow any swelling to reduce. Applying ice or heat can also provide ease. Over the counter painkillers can certainly be helpful. Gentle exercises and stretching on the advice of health care professional can reduce stiffness and promote a speedier return to normal function.

Above all, if you have suffered a hand injury such as a hand fracture or sprained hand or if you have incurred wrist injuries through a fall or repetitive strain, the most important take home message is this: A hand or wrist injury needs to be treated as soon as possible by someone who knows what they are doing. This will give you the maximum chance of regaining normal function so that you can continue to enjoy your life, work and hobbies without any serious and permanent disability. 

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